Kitchissippi Monument

Lemieux Island Valve

Located on Lemieux Island just in front of the water purification plant is a gate valve from the Rensselaer Valve Company of Troy, NY, USA.  The one depicted here references a Patent from June 19, 1888 and contains a single stem design with open gearing.  These gate valves are sometimes referred to as knife valves […]

Kitchissippi Monument Wellington Village Westboro

Monument to Fallen Diplomats

At the corner of the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway at Island Park Drive resides the Monument to Fallen Diplomats. The monument was inaugurated on September 20, 2012 to honour Colonel Atilla Altıkat who was assassinated at this location on the morning of August 27, 1982 and dedicated to all diplomats and public servants who […]